Personal Training Services in VancouverYour Personal Trainer will act as your coach and counselor offering support, motivation and safe, effective instruction.

After the initial interview and health screening your trainer will help you establish challenging yet attainable goals and strategize a result oriented plan of action. Your program will be specific and unique to your preferences, abilities and availability. Periodic reassessments of fitness will ensure effective progression.

Form Personal Trainers are certified, experienced fitness professionals and are qualified to work with a variety of clientele. Your trainer can work in conjunction with your Doctor or Therapist to ensure precise quality of care.

Personal Training

Individually tailored fitness programs for:
· Fat loss
· Muscle gain
· Strength and power
· Sport specific training, pre-event prep
· Cardiorespiratory fitness
· Safe and effective use of cardio and resistance training equipment
· Stretching methods and techniques for flexibility and strength
· Post injury rehabilitation
· Treatment of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis
· Children and teens
· The elderly

Nutritional Counseling

· Individually tailored nutrition programs
· Fat loss guidelines
· Muscle gain strategies
· Dietary planning for diabetics and individuals with other health concerns
· Family nutrition seminars
· Sport specific nutrition
· Vegetarian possibilities
· Zigzag method
· Incorporating supplements into your regimen

Rates: Each session is 1 hour of instruction

1-4 session $75 per session
5-9 sessions $70 per session
10+ sessions $60 per session


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